Davide Carbone, music producer/DJ and label manager, born and raised in the Vesuvian area, he is now based in Berlin. Always passionate by the musical industry,  he starts to develop several aliases and collaborations, working abreast with a musical collective, developing a strong circle of labels. Sharing - REPITCH recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic - with Ascion and Shapednoise, - 3TH Records - alongside Ascion and Lucindo. Carbone Records as its own Platform. D. Carbone's sound can be described as Bold Industrial Techno, Hard and fast Mainly focused on Acid Sonorities with Deep and Dramatic Atmospheres. Carbone's career is characterised by his close friendship with Ascion with which released under various projects and aliases like -Repitch-, -3TH- and -Ascion & D. Carbone-. From 2013 he starts to collaborate with the Mancunians duo - AnD - with whom released before under the name AD//DC on the English Label - Brothers - and the new - D.A.S. D.A. - a project that tak
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